Marian Moskowitz for Chester County Commissioner

by John Litchfield, London Grove South

The term “lifetime resident” is almost an injustice to the time and effort that Marian Moskowitz has poured into our County. As a true community leader, for 35 years, Marian has lived in, worked in, and strived to improve, her home community. “I have dedicated my career to ensuring our towns and communities are healthy and prosperous,” Marian says in reference to her work as a responsible developer. It is this kind of involvement at the county level that leads Marian to believe, “[she] can have a positive impact on county government on day one.”

Marian has the resume to back this up; she oversaw the conversion and revitalization project of an abandoned factory in Phoenixville that resulted in a one-of-a-kind hub that provides education and business opportunities to the community. Innovation and commitment are staples of Marian’s personality, and they have resulted in her receiving an appointment by the Mayor of Phoenixville to the Mayor’s task force to bring train service to Phoenixville, and another by Governor Wolf to the Board of Governors for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

But Marian is not content to stop there. She wants to bring her tireless penchant for community improvement to all residents of Chester County. Marian recognizes the increasing appeal that Chester County has as a “bedroom community” to Philadelphia, meaning that people want to live here and commute to work in the city. It is because of this appeal that Marian wants to expand public transportation options that will help connect the more rural areas of our community with towns and urban enclaves. This sort of infrastructure encourages employers to locate in the County and gives residents access to good jobs, which can lend a huge hand to revitalization efforts. “I have seen what it takes to help lift our towns and small businesses with a community-centered approach,” Marian says. “[I] know we must be proactive to ensure the continued success of recently revitalized regions.”

While it is certainly important to connect the County to outside areas to further assist with revitalization through interconnectivity, Marian is also cognizant of the issues that we face within our community. The opioid crisis and environmental sustainability are concerns that Marian promises to address. But she also wants to prioritize care for senior citizens and veterans, which means cutting through the red tape that prevents our senior centers from providing a higher quality of care. For veterans, Marian will make sure our county has the resources we need to start working through the backlog of veterans who are requesting mental health services.

Marian has the vision, expertise, and work ethic to embody the change that she wants to see in our community. In a year when there is the opportunity to put two Democratic candidates on the Board of Commissioners, Marian deserves every consideration as someone who will protect the future of Chester County.

To learn more about Marian, visit her website or Facebook page

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