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Not ready to run for office, but ready to help?  Our zone needs you!  We have 20 precincts from 15 municipalities within the OxGrove Democrats (Chester County Democratic Committee Zone 3). Each precinct is organized by two Committee People (CP). Please contact us if you are interested.

CPs are expected to attend monthly Zone Meetings to represent the interests of their precinct. They are actively involved in the recruitment of qualified Democratic candidates in their precinct as well as organize political activity, such as get-out-the-vote related efforts, to maximize Democratic voter turn-out for yearly primaries in May and yearly general elections in November.

We still need Committee People for the following precincts: 

  • Franklin needs one Committee Person
  • Highland needs one Committee Person
  • Lower Oxford East needs one Committee Person
  • New London needs one Committee Person
  • West Grove 1 needs two Committee Persons


Block Captains

We are looking for Block Captains who will work to support the work of  the Committee People in each precinct. Please contact your precinct’s Committee People to participate. Block Captains roles are most needed bi-annually during May and November related to get-out-the-vote efforts.

Poll Watchers

The role of poll watchers is to help promote transparency and openness — not through their actions so much as by simply being in the room. Poll watchers are not just individuals who show up at the precinct on Election Day; virtually every jurisdiction requires that official poll watchers be identified and approved in advance—usually at least two weeks beforehand. And to avoid conflicts of interest or the potential for implicit intimidation, most states do not allow otherwise eligible law enforcement officers or state officials to serve as poll watchers. Pennsylvania allows watchers on behalf of both the candidates and the political parties, so long as the watchers are registered to vote in the same jurisdiction. If you are interested in poll watching and live in Zone 3, contact us.

Zone Committees

We could use your support with larger zone functions.  Our committees are always looking for talented and committed individuals who would like to help. If you have experience or an interest in one of these areas, please share your time with us. Contact us today.

Some of our Zone 3 committees include:


Our meetings take place on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM. Any registered Democratic voter in the region is encouraged to attend. Please see our Events Calendar for locations.


The amazing results we achieved in the 2017 election is just the beginning. With perfect vision, it's time to combine our talents and ride this wave of success all the way to 2020 and beyond. To make this happen, we need you!

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
—Margaret Mead


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Chester County Democratic Committee Zone 3

Zone 3 represents Democratic voters in 20 precincts over 15 municipalities in Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania. These municipalities are: Atglen (Borough), East Nottingham (Township), Elk (Township), Franklin (Township), Highland (Township), London Grove (Township), Londonderry (Township), Lower Oxford (Township), New London (Township), Oxford (Borough), Penn (Township), Upper Oxford (Township), West Fallowfield (Township), West Grove (Borough), West Nottingham (Township).

Please see your precinct page to find out where you vote as well as who are your precinct's Committee Persons. Contact your Committee Person or Zone Leadership to get involved.  We welcome your support.  Get to know us!

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Get a Sample Ballot

Send us your email and we'll contact you asap to get you the proper sample ballot for your precinct. We will never share your email.

Get a Sample Ballot

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